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Track Review: Take Care // Thrillhouse

Thrillhouse are back with a brand new song, which is called ‘Take Care.’ The band have a habit of crafting indie pop bangers, and this song is no different. They give you a feeling that you can tackle any day because the lyrics are positive. As a big fan of Thrillhouse, this past year has felt like a journey listening to their songs through lockdown, because the production gets better and the choruses bigger.

‘Take Care’ is dominated by a massive bassline, which is very high up in the mix. The song breezes by in just under four minutes, and sounds like an indie disco floorfiller. Lyrically the song could be about the pandemic, with some sarcasm “I don’t want you around / Take care” but this fills you with positivity. It could mean that the good times are coming back, and the protagonist is embarking on a new life. The fuzzy guitar solo is a refreshing addition, and is a good transition to the drums kicking in. This helps make it a perfect pop song.

‘Take Care’ is another strong addition to Thrillhouse’s back catalogue. It points to a bright and positive future, while also being the perfect track for summer.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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