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Track Review: Tales of Head Trauma // Fras McGovern

Inspired by the likes of Nirvana, King Gizzard and White Stripes, one would assume singer-songwriter, Fras McGovern, to have a grunge-esque sound. One would be correct but there is another element that makes Fras far more unique. Adding a twinge of jazz to the mix, the Scotland-based musician showcases innovativeness and eclecticism. Despite having a single track to his name, Fras is already building an international following having featured on The Other Side Reviews, iHeart Radio and many more online radio stations. We have the honour of presenting you with ‘Takes of Head Trauma’.

While Fras has performed in various bands focusing on gigging, ‘Tales of Head Trauma’ is the first of his solo tracks to be released. Recorded and produced in his home studio, also known as his bedroom, ‘Tales of Head Trauma’ is a heartwarming and intriguing few minutes of music. Acoustic-inspired, the single is a piano-driven song blended with smooth drums to offer a jazzier edge. Yet, while the incorporation of different genres is exciting it is the melodic changing of pace throughout the track that adds a sense of obscurity.

Reminiscent of a softer, less brash Dresden Dolls, Fras takes on provocative issues with a flowing tune. Adopting the perspective of a paranoid protagonist with a “skewed vision of reality”, ‘Tales of Head Trauma’ touches on the effects of misinformation and paranoia. According to Fras, the person is “convinced that a fictional character will be his saviour when the apocalypse comes”.

Dark and a little creepy, ‘Tales of Head Trauma’ has the odd blend of being addictive with a disarming uncomfortableness. Perhaps I’m a little odd, but I love this! I cannot wait for his mini-LP to be released later this year.

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