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Track Review: Tears // Beorma

Beorma is an indie pop duo who consist of Tom and Ferns. The Streets influence their music, and they write important lyrics about social commentary. Earlier this year, they released the feminist anthem ‘Woman’ which is about how society should change the way women are treated. It struck a chord because it is a song that made me think about the way women are oppressed. It shows that Beorma want to change the world, and now they are back with a brand new song, ‘Tears.’

It’s admirable that Beorma make the music they like without letting anyone judge them. All their songs are a mix of different styles, and ‘Tears’ is another strong addition to their back catalogue. A 2 step garage beat dominates the song, but the way the vocals are pitched up and down show there’s plenty of creativity.

‘Tears’ is another cracker from Beorma because it’s different from anything they’ve ever done. I look forward to hearing more from them.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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