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Track Review: Tell The Future // Henry Alexander

Described on his Spotify account as “provocatively retro”, Henry Alexander brings the sound of the 1980s to the 21st Century. Merging elements of synth-pop and post-punk, the Australian foursome have a soft, smooth sound but with an edgy….well, edge. Gaining coverage on several radio stations across the globe, including Amazing Radio, Henry Alexander is reaching audiences on a global scale. Using his soaring vocals and upbeat melodies, Henry is quickly gaining a reputation for infectious tunes. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Tell The Future’.

Recorded during the COVID lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, ‘Tell The Future’ is a superb example of remote collaboration. Henry recalls how “being forbidden from meeting in person for an extended period of time, we could not have created the track without today’s music recording technology.” The production of ‘Tell The Future’ may be uncommon, however, it is as well-produced as any studio track thanks to Sam Swain’s skills.

Just as the production process shows an evolution in making music, ‘Tell The Future’ showcases an evolution of Henry Alexander’s sound. Unlike their previously rock-influenced single ‘In My Shoes’ and synth-heavy ‘Crush’, ‘Tell The Future’ has a mellow, soothing and languid style. Known for his unique dialogue, the talented singer-songwriter connects deeply with audiences using conceptual material. The personal narrative in ‘Tell The Future’ effortlessly engages with a listener making them feel comfortable in the hazy melody.

While Henry’s vocal skills are sensational, the flowing instrumentation is what contributes to the smooth ambience. Sam Swain (guitar), Paul K (guitar), Tommy Harrison (drums) and Jordi Edwards (keyboards) come together to create a kaleidoscopic soundscape. Held together by swelling synths, the 80s-inspired track includes strong drum beats, electrifying guitars and a futuristic vibe

Emotive and hazy (for lack of a better word), ‘Tell The Future’ boasts an otherworldly nature touching on optimism, mindfulness and creativity. The execution of the lyricism may have an initial creepiness, but this is merely a cloud shrouding the positive message. Sophisticated and mature, the talented crew prove they are not to be pigeon-holed.

Henry also released a music video for ‘Tell The Future’. Please note the video has strobe lighting and is not suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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