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Track Review: The A Plus // Coastal Town

I discovered the Vancouver-based group Coastal Town back in August with their single ‘Summer Sundays’ and was curious to see what they had up their sleeve for the future; well, now I know what was stuck up that sleeve. First, a brief summary for those who aren’t acquainted with this band. A collective of musicians in Canada, this band is unique in that they are multi-generational from various families. The diversity of these members is evident in the intriguing tracks and Coastal Town has been described as having “…no limit to what they will talk about in their music” (quote from Less Than 1000 Followers). The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘The A Plus’.

Referring to ‘The A Plus’ as “a nerd rock anthem about studying hard and getting good grades”, the new single is relatable to audiences, particularly to the high school members of the group. I wonder, did the younger members write this song? If yes, then they have outdone themselves as it engages with listeners of all ages. Mildly nostalgic, ‘The A Plus’ takes me back to the stressful halls of school; however, one can look at it from a greater conceptual perspective attributing it to the need for success in society. Then again, that’s just me.

Walking the line between childish innocence and sophisticated reflection, the simplistic lyricism is accompanied by a soothing indie-pop melody. Combining clear vocals with pounding guitars and dynamic guitars, ‘The A Plus’ is an anthemic tribute to the geeks who stood their ground in high school politics – studies and in the schoolyard. What I find intriguing is the change in tempo as the song progresses moving from an indie-pop to jazz and then a faster-paced combination of the two. It is as if Coastal Town begins with a steady geekiness before raising their eyebrow and giving you a cheeky grin. Watch out for the geeks and their awesomeness.

Overall, I like this song. It’s laidback despite the poignant content and has a polished sound in its brutally honest lyricism. Sentimental, sincere and tender, ‘The A Plus’ takes Coastal Town’s sound to a new level. Once again, I can’t wait for more from this talented group.

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