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Track Review: The Agency… // Defender

If Nick Cave were to have a lovechild with Pink Floyd, but it was raised by The Velvet Underground, it would probably be The Agency… It sounds a little on the weird side, but this UK-based group makes it work.

Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, The Agency... is a musical collective held together by Steven K. Driver (vocals and guitar), Steve Beyer (lead guitar) and Andy Ludbrook (bass). In 2012, the group released their well-received debut album For The Brave and Troubled which is now regarded as an “uncovered gem”. In 2014, the ten-track follow-up album, Of Ghosts, increased the reputation and reach of The Agency… gaining international airplay including BBC Radio (UK) and ABC (Australia). The lead single from Of Ghosts, ‘She’, helping the band gain coverage with press across the globe.

Taking a break to record their most ambitious album yet, The Agency… are back with In The Haunted Woods – set for release on 23rd October 2020. To tide everyone over and keep some sense of calm, The Agency… released ‘Defender’ as a taste of what is yet to come.

Combining the sounds of Pink Floyd with the lyrical skills of Leonard Cohen, ‘Defender’ is an eclectic track highly reminiscent of the 1980’s post-punk scene. Despite seeming “synthy”, the track utilises the simplicity of punk guitar distortion with elements of shoegaze and rock. The evidence of varying musical influences from varying artists is clear in ‘Defender’ creating a unique kaleidoscopic sound. With literary influences as varied as the eclectic sound, The Agency… continues its dystopian tales of existential confusion and misanthropy; all emphasised by the experimental soundscapes.

The Agency…’s music has been described by Crack Magazine as “settling down with your favourite bar of quality dark chocolate” giving everyone a little something to enjoy. If ‘Defender’ is a taste of their upcoming album In The Haunted Woods, I’m sure we’ll be settling down with quality chocolate cake alongside a cup of green tea. Well, at least that’s what I’ll be enjoying.

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