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Track Review: The Amber Bugs // Make Money, Spend Money, Die

Not wanting to be defined by a single idea or label, The Amber Bugs is an energetic and enthusiastic melding of, well, anything that makes you want to jump about. Incorporating high-speed choruses with languid verses and jazz licks beneath the lively guitar riffs, The Amber Bugs have found a completely unique and distinctive sound. The latest single on their growing discography is the single ‘Make Money, Spend Money, Die’.

Truth be told, I made the commitment to review ‘Make Money, Spend Money, Die’ after listening to the track for only three seconds. Not a professional behaviour nor a fact to be shared, but it was the single’s title that caught my attention and triggered my curiosity. I am so happy I chose to review this as it placed a huge grin on my face, despite the poignant concept.

Touching on the subject of worker/consumer trap in modern society, ‘Make Money, Spend Money, Die’ is the “Average Joe’s” brash three-minute commentary on capitalism. Lyrically, it is a slap in the face for the middle and working-class citizens who don’t exactly profit from consumerism. Instead, as stated in the lyrics, we “spend money, spend money, spend money, now you’re in debt.” Terrifyingly relatable and relevant if you ask me.

Sonically, The Amber Bugs place the listener in a melodic, multi-coloured whirl of sound and emotion. Effortlessly transitioning from groovy, laid-back verses to a frenzied chorus with male and female vocals enhances the brusque meaning to ‘Make Money, Spend Money, Die’. It’s a whip from slow and chilled to frantic bewilderment. Thing is, the single is rather beguiling. The follow-up to The Amber Bugs’ single ‘Pricks 2020’, and the opening track to their EP The Year of The Rat, ‘Make Money, Spend Money, Die’ is the sonic representation of wit, charm and unrestrained fun.

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