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Track Review: The Bachelor // Brophy’s Law

Filling traditional Celtic rock with a punk feel, Brophy’s Law has a raw, powerful and unique sound. With humble beginnings as a solo artist, Neil Brophy has travelled across the globe for several years busking and honing his sound before embracing a full band sound. With influences from Bob Dylan and Billy Braggs, the lyricism of his work features intimacy and poetic intensity. Based in Copenhagen, but originally from Scotland, England, Ireland and Denmark, Brophy’s Law explode into 2021 with the single ‘The Bachelor’.

Lively and spirited, ‘The Bachelor’ is an immediate assault on the senses but not a bad one. Immediately placing you in a whirlpool of “sing-along and love it” sound, the track creates a jovial and buoyant soundscape. Yet, while the melody is filled with cheer, Neil shows a depth of content in his poetic lyricism. Alright, the lyricism may be a little blunt but it carries raw honesty and genuineness in the theme.

Using a conversational tone for his personal narrative, Neil Brophy explores life as it is. A brusque execution of the introspective lyrics makes ‘The Bachelor’ endearing, particularly when the catchy flute comes along. Neil’s throaty vocals aim for a rough, tough exterior, but we all know he is filled with sunshine and hugs kittens. Yet, while there is a wistful brashness to his lyrics, the track exposes existential truths speaking those unspoken ideas of “being a bachelor and leading a drinking life”.

Fusing sounds of The Clash, Sex Pistols and Uriah Heep, ‘The Bachelor’ is a melody filled with diverse elements ranging from a fiddle to a flute. Infectious in its toe-tapping nature, the upbeat track will have any person dancing on the tables and joining in when it hits the catchy chorus.

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