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Track Review: The Beatflux // Wet

With the presence of the Covid-19 global pandemic, recording and releasing music can be complicated for musicians in 2020. Yet, artists do have the option to diversify their production skills and their sound through online collaboration. Embracing this change, The Beatflux is a global collective of rock artists spearheaded by guitarist/producer Muca. Joining forces with vocalist Enrico Minelli, bassist Pereira and drummer Iafellice, The Beatflux is a UK-Brazil force to be reckoned with. The latest addition to the group’s repertoire is the single ‘Wet’.

Released via The Secret Warehouse of Sound Recordings, ‘Wet’ is The Beatflux’s third single. Influenced by various rock bands, such as Pearl Jam, the track has an old-school rock sound but with underlying leanings toward the modern hard rock style. Fast and ferocious, without being too forceful, ‘Wet’ is a merging of pounding drums, blazing guitars and powerful vocals.

Combining powerful instrumentation with Enrico Minelli’s bold throaty vocals, ‘Wet’ has you running at 100 miles/hour right from the outset. While the melody does allow for a “breather” midway through the track, it is only for second before forging into another round of high-paced sound. What I find most intriguing is how Enrico’s tone and timbre both enhance and sooth the rawness of the track. What I mean is, the rough vocals add a commanding quality to the hard rock style, but also bring a melodic and harmonic element to the track.

Overall, ‘Wet’ is a single not to be taken lightly. Infectious, exciting and boundary-breaking, the track will have you headbanging all the way through without noticing the cramp in your neck. Even if you do sprain a muscle or something while jumping about to ‘Wet’ it is definitely worth it!

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