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Track Review: The Comfort of Falling // Jewelia

Described by Abbie McCarthy of BBC Introducing, singer-songwriter and producer Jewelia is “something special”. With the aim of exploring various facets of the pop genre, UK-based Jewelia’s music is diverse and familiar – a sense of pop underlying the diverse sub-sections. Jewelia shares that people were rather surprised at her choosing to pursue a career in music, but it’s grand that she did because she truly is “something special”. Along with BBC Introducing, Jewelia has a dedicated international following with coverage from Amazing Radio, BBC Radio Kent, Pop Passion Blog, and many more. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘The Comfort of Falling’.

Following her well-received track ‘Second Best’, ‘The Comfort of Falling’ has Jewelia transitioning from a moving indie-pop sound to a folk-pop ballad. Reminiscent of Norah Jones and Katie Melua in her vulnerable vocal execution, Jewelia slithers beneath your skin and sends shivers from your head to your toes. In my opinion, it is the acoustic sound of ‘The Comfort of Falling’ that pushes the sense of vulnerability and youthful innocence in a fragile soundscape. Yet, if you look at the concept of the track, I’m not so sure if there is fragility or just a sophisticated wistfulness.

Inspired by the fig tree in Sylvia Plath’s novel The Bell Jar, ‘The Comfort of Falling’ is “about growing up and coming to terms with the choices we have made and the paths that lead us to where we are…” Is this a vulnerable path? Yes. Choosing how to live your life and what to do with it is difficult and includes a sense of naked vulnerability. The thing is, just as there is a shivering, um, vulnerability, there is also a sense of hopefulness and warmth in ‘The Comfort of Falling’ giving listeners a comfortable hug; letting them know they are not alone.

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