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Track Review: The Devil’s Gold // Nobody’s Wolf Child

Far more than just a musician, Nobody’s Wolf Child takes audiences on a cinematic journey in her gothic sounds. Described by The Other Side Reviews as “defying musical genres while crafting a beautifully cohesive sound”, the UK-based artist proves she transcends reality bringing an ethereal otherworldliness to our ears. With only a few singles to her name, Nobody’s Wolf Child might be considered a newbie in the music industry, but she is by no means hiding in the shadows. Featured on Less Than 1000 Followers, The Other Side Reviews, Find No Enemy, The Punk Head, Roadie Music and various playlists, Nobody’s Wolf Child is gaining a loyal international following.

Following her critically acclaimed debut single ‘The Fall’, Nobody’s Wolf Child continues her fantastical drama in ‘The Devil’s Gold’. Slightly darker in tone but as dramatic, ‘The Devil’s Gold’ continues the tale of the Wolf Child exploring elements of vulnerability, temptation and decadence wrapped in a mystical sonic package. If I were to classify this track, I might place it in the realm of alternative art-pop; however, Nobody’s Wolf Child is able to effortlessly merge rock grittiness, post-punk haziness and gothic tones of melodic metal. In fact, while there is a melting pot of sounds, Nobody’s Wolf Child is able to adopt a simplistic approach in a kaleidoscopic soundscape.

One of the numerous tracks yet to come throughout 2022, ‘The Devil’s Gold’ is another example of Nobody’s Wolf Child’s innovativeness and eclecticism. Her soprano vocals are soothing but also chilling sliding into your brain and reverberating down your spine. The thing is, while the surreal hazy ambience is prompted by the soprano tone, Nobody’s Wolf Child stops your heart with her lower, almost sinister vocals.

Reminding me slightly of the vocal and melodic diversity heard in Shakespears Sister’s ‘Stay’, ‘The Devil’s Gold’ walks the line between forbidding and fragility. Even when played on repeat, I still get a breath-taking, skin-tingling sensation when listening to ‘The Devil’s Gold’.

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