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Track Review: The Fall // Nobody’s Wolf Child

Described by The Other Side Reviews as using a balance of contrasts within a cinematic drama, UK-based Nobody’s Wolf Child is an innovative musician with kaleidoscopic melodies. A relatively new artist, Nobody’s Wolf Child has only two singles to her name, however, this doesn’t mean they aren’t making waves on the scene. With her debut single ‘The Fall’ featured on The Other Side Reviews, Motion News, Sinusoidal Music, We Write About Music, Nobody’s Wolf Child is captivating critics across the globe. We have the honour of reviewing her single ‘The Fall’.

Following two years of development and working with multiple producers, Nobody’s Wolf Child has taken to the masses and is sharing her unique sound. Referred to as a “360-degree art piece”, Nobody’s Wolf Child is a fully immersive project combining visuals with expertly arranged audio work. In ‘The Fall’, this naturally talented individual immerses individuals in an ethereal, experimental and obscure listening experience. Beginning with a soft, soothing and simplistic opening, you are placed adrift on a glistening river of sound; however, the melodic arrangement takes a heavier tone with more rock-inspired sounds later on. Oddly enough, despite the move to a more hard-hitting tone, the song continues to present as dreamy and ethereal.

While the melody does hold most of the emotion in ‘The Fall’, the powerful vocals contribute a spine-chilling boldness to the sonic story. Filled with cinematic contrasts, ‘The Fall’ appears to be a set of contrasts moving in a fluid motion before your eyes – light and dark, vulnerability and strength, pleasure and pain. It is this overwhelming tune that fills sends shivers down your spine and leaves you gasping for more. Overall, I like ‘The Fall’.

In addition to the single, Nobody’s Wolf Child released a music video for ‘The Fall’. You can view the video below:

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