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Track Review: The Feeling’s Mutual // Emmrose

Whenever I listen to singer-songwriter Emmrose’s music I am flabbergasted at how someone so young could produce something so sophisticated. It is as if she combines innocence and maturity to create evocative music for all audiences. Since her debut EP Hopeless Romantics (released in 2020), Emmrose has released 15 singles, won the Best Pop Album award in the 2020 WAM Awards, had music appear in films and reality shows, been added to numerous playlists, and featured on various international publications. The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘The Feeling’s Mutual’.

Following her track ‘The Gallows’, Emmrose adopts a powerful pop ballad style with her single ‘The Feeling’s Mutual’. Interestingly enough, Emmrose inserts an indie-pop movement within the melody highlighting her versatility as well as the complexity of the message. Written as a tribute to a “friendship breakup”, the single exposes feelings of anger, vengefulness and an overall acceptance that the toxic friendship is over – but she does have a “well take that” moment singing “the feeling’s mutual”.

“A little over a year ago, I was going through a really big rough patch with a close friend of mine until I realised that she was only making my life worse and that I didn’t want us to be friends anymore. All she would ever do was criticise me and tell me that I was a bad person…I was at the recording studio and my friend just started sending me rude messages about my music. At that point, I had had enough…it feels really good to have written a song about it and to finally let it go.” – Emmrose on ‘The Feeling’s Mutual’

It is sad to say that there are hundreds of toxic friendships out there and often the root cause is jealousy. Emmrose’s ‘The Feeling’s Mutual’ looks at the difficulties of ending a toxic friendship and coming out on the other side smarter, happier and full of life.

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