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Track Review: The Frisky Gypsys // Its Just Life

If you’re looking for authentic music with complete honesty, then you’ve found it in the folk-rock band The Frisky Gypsys. Spearheaded by frontman Steven Hamilton, formerly a member of the group The Band Anna, and accompanied by guitarist Robert Kirkpatrick, The Frisky Gypsys are genuine, sincere but with a gritty rawness of reality. With plans to release their debut EP in January 2021, the creative juices are flowing! The latest addition to their growing discography is the single ‘It’s Just Life’.

Recorded at Orchard Studios in Enniscorthy, the Wexford duo embrace simple melodies, heartwarming vocals and insightful lyricism in ‘It’s Just Life’. Slightly warmer than their critically acclaimed single ‘Time To Shine’, the Irish lads showcase their innovativeness and versatility as artists within the folk genre.

“It is the journey of emotions from the good to the bad and understanding it’s just part of life and that things will always be okay. Life never stops and we have to meet it head-on! Life has a habit of hijacking your plans and forces us to continually manoeuvre our way to achieving our end goals.” – Steven Hamilton on ‘It’s Just Life’

An exposition of life exploring both the positive and negative elements, The Frisky Gypsys elegantly traverse the complications of reality in both an optimistic and discouraging way. Focusing not only on the “bad side of things”, but on continuation of life and one’s ability to overcome situations ‘It’s Just Life’ has a hopeful, heartwarming honesty to it.

Combining his Steven’s gruff vocals with Robert’s moving guitar, The Frisky Gypsys find that delicate balance between warm folk and harsh rock. Melodic, harmonic and slightly upbeat, ‘It’s Just Life’ is a catchy track that will help you through almost any situation – plus, it’s pretty laidback so you can have it on repeat without it becoming annoying.

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