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Track Review: The Funny Part // Down South Pepper Band

For over ten years, country rockers Down South Pepper Band have been entertaining audiences on a cross-continental level. From North America and South America to Europe and Australia, the Nordic duo bring a contemporary slant to vintage country and Americana melodies. So, if you listen to independent radio stations or enjoy publications like Mesmerized, Edgar Allan Poets, YMX, Music For All, Lost In The Manor or The Other Side Reviews, the chances are likely you’ve come across Down South Pepper Band before. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘The Funny Part’.

Hailing from Northern Europe, Finland and Denmark to be exact, Rune Nyby (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Per Øyvind Mathisen (guitar, bass) create upbeat, toe-tapping tunes that would fit easily on any country music playlist. Following ‘Moving Down South’, ‘The Funny Part’ takes a dip into lighter classic country as compared to previous releases. Tinged with pop and rock tones, the Americana single (if we can label it) brings a nostalgic breath of air to our ears. While Per Øyvind Mathisen and Rune Nyby are rocking the guitars and vocals, the addition of guest musicians Elvind Kløverønd (drums) and Lars Rune Rebbestad (steel guitar and piano) bring a fuller sound to the mellow single.

Easily placed in a gritty dive bar with beers in their hands singing to a chilled-out audience, Down South Pepper Band is the epitome of old-school country. Yet, while ‘The Funny Part’ has that laidback vibe, thought-provoking sentimentality steps out in the profound lyricism. In his gruff but warm vocals, Rune Nyby sings about difficult situations like climate change and war; however, a light-heartedness breaks through when he sings about getting old. A reflection of how things change, people change and the world in totality is shifting, but enjoying the way things were and keeping to that “back in my day” wonderment. It kicks you in the head and hits you between the eyes, but the joy of yesteryear is comforting. Now, that’s the funny part.

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