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Track Review: Flies In My Eyes // The Great Emu War Casualties

While The Great Emu War Casualties was conceived in the UK in 2017, the indie-rock trio is now based in Melbourne, Australia. Combining the talents of English frontman Joe, Australian bassist Saskia and Nepalese drummer Bibek Tamang, the group showcases diversity in sound and cultural background. Known for their engaging and energetic music, The Great Emu War Casualties have featured on Last Day Deaf, Clout, Crush Cop and several online radio stations reaching an international audience. Last November we spoke with the lads about their EP Happy Birthday Joe, future plans and much more. Now we’re taking another glance at the group by reviewing their latest single ‘Flies In My Eyes’.

Released in December 2020, ‘Flies In My Eyes’ is a subtler, more stripped-back track showing a more vulnerable side to the group. While the track is not necessarily an acoustic single with dynamic instrumentation and robust vocals, the simplicity of execution is soul-stirring, sophisticated and quite moving. Thing is, what do you expect when matching the musical stylings of The Great Emu War Casualties with Grammy-award winning producer Alex Newport?

The lead single from their upcoming album, to be released in early 2021, ‘Flies In My Eyes’ is a warm, rich and beguiling single merging indie-rock with dream-pop. The melodic flow of instruments, topped by Joe’s Phil Bailey-esque voice, is soothing and somewhat insatiable. Produced with the aim of getting “a sound that more closely resembled live performances”, ‘Flies In My Eyes’ is infectious, anthemic and genre-defying. We can’t attend live gigs at the moment, but if you lie back and listen to this song you can easily visualise a room filled with stale beer, swaying bodies and a band tearing up the stage.

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