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Track Review: The Institutes // All That You’ll Ever Know

Hailing from the English town of Coventry, alternative rock group The Institutes have been releasing their unique sound for just over one year. The quartet released their debut single ‘Lonely Nights’ in 2019 and since then have been growing at a head-spinning rate. Receiving critical acclaim for their music, the UK foursome have featured on BBC Radio 1, Radio X, Talk About Pop Music, The Other Side Reviews and Chalkpit Records – to name but a few. The latest addition to their repertoire is the powerful single ‘All That You’ll Ever Know’.

The first single released via 42’s Records, ‘All That You’ll Ever Know’ is hard-hitting, infectious, emotional and endearing. Embracing an indie-rock sound, but fusing some modern alternative rock elements, ‘All That You’ll Ever Know’ has the intimacy of Skylights with the power of Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Described by vocalist Reid Zappa Currie as “the sound of four lads in a freezing cold garage in Coventry feeling like we’re looking through a keyhole at a better life”, ‘All That You’ll Ever Know’ exposes the fragility of the human spirit in a melodic, elegant manner. A guitar-driven track, the single illustrates the skills of guitarist Andy Hall, bassist Andy Lowe and drummer Kirk Savage; however, it is Reid’s distinct vocals that truly show their vulnerability.

Laying back their armour and bearing their souls, ‘All That You’ll Know’ is an honest, moving and heartbreaking track; yet, at the same time it inspires hope and empowerment to “escape to get a taste of living in paradise”. What I find intriguing is how the song finds the balance between melancholic despair and enthusiastic optimism lyrically and sonically. Dynamic, beguiling and sophisticated, The Institute show their boundary-breaking style in ‘All That You’ll Know’.

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