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Track Review: The Islas // Last Time Forever

After meeting at their local music college, Nathan Baverstock and Ross Allen founded one of the more exciting independent pop-rock groups I have had the chance to review. The Islas started making heads turn in 2018 when the foursome slowly shared each single from their well-received debut EP A Generation To Forget on their official website. From there, the awesome foursome gained a loyal following with a reputation for intriguing, engaging and exciting music. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Last Time Forever’.

I could go on and speak about The Islas coverage in Atwood Magazine, Unheard Gems and BBC Introducing. I could go on to say how the group was featured on ITV, Vinyl Moon and even performed their first international festival headliner in France. Thing is, the credentials of this group are nothing compared to the sensationally stirring tracks – it’s a case of letting the music speak for itself.

Penned during the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, songwriters Ross and Nathan decided to not sit on their laurels but use the time to write material. Sending several projects back and forth the duo came up with several tracks, including ‘Last Time Forever’.

“I was in a pretty dark place I won’t lie. I was struggling a lot with the lockdown at first. I packed away my games consoles, wouldn’t touch my books or my Mac. I spent some of my time going to the Norfolk coast and just sitting in my car or walking along the beaches. It was in these moments that I carved out the lyrics. It’s a really emotional song and in a way a love-sick song, but it’s like I’m talking to myself…” – Nathan Baverstock on ‘Last Time Forever’

From the first moment, The Islas capture your mind and soul with the sensationally soothing melody. Not distorted in any way, the instrumentation melds together to form a whirlpool of sound in which you become lost. Yet, it is not only the hazy swirl ensnaring your senses but also Nathan’s hauntingly surreal vocals.

Heartwarming and melancholic, The Islas delicately expose the fragility of the human spirit in a stark, raw way. While the track has a brusqueness to it, it lays bare the innermost emotions as a stirring, flowing and melodic single. It’s difficult to truly describe the feeling behind ‘Last Time Forever’ – all I can say is you better have a tissue on hand because this one brings tears to your eyes.

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