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Track Review: The Kid and I // White Feather

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Jacob Powell, The Kid and I is an intriguing addition to the UK indie music scene. After gigging across the UK with other bands for approximately ten years, this seasoned musician decided to pursue a solo career to create something uniquely his own. Instead of sitting on his laurels during Covid-19 lockdown, Jacob used his DIY approach to production to write, record and release The Kid and I’s debut single ‘White Feather’.

Inspired by the likes of The Libertines, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Mac Demarco, The Kid and I leans toward alternative rock for his sound. Jacob’s first attempt at releasing material completely independently, ‘White Feather’ is loud and abrasive, but with a well-textured arrangement. What I find interesting is how each instrument is “slotted” into an appropriate position in the melody giving the different elements prominence but maintaining a sonic cohesiveness.

“For me, ‘White Feather’ is a collage of ideas strung together throughout the song. Fundamentally, it is about grief. I lost someone very important in my life many years ago and a white feather became symbolic of this person for me and my family. At the time of writing it, I was very lost and looking around and seeing family and friends settling down and making big life decisions and I felt I had nothing at all. So for me, ‘White Feather’ is me asking for help or guidance from this person to show me how to progress…” – The Kid and I on ‘White Feather’

Combining poignant, sombre lyricism with upbeat, bouncy melodies, Jacob showcases his innovativeness as an artist. Emotional, engaging and sensitive, ‘White Feather’ has a depth in content alongside some killer toe-tapping guitar riffs. However, it is Jacob’s rough vocals that add the true substance to this single. Unique and filled with raw honesty, the bold, rich tones merge well with a Foo Fighters meets Aerosmith sound. If this is anything to go by, The Kid and I is set for super stardom!

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