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Track Review: The More That I Get // Spyderhuff

So, who is Spyderhuff? If you don’t know by now, it’s almost shocking you could miss such an inspiring band. Then again, by discovering them you are about to enjoy something spectacular! Formed by veteran musicians from Detroit, the band members each have unique perspectives with experiences in bands from hard rock to jazz. Drawing these experiences together, Spyderhuff brings an obscurity and eclecticism to modern-day music. Bending, warping, twisting, turning, wrapping around an unusual note – this is what US-based band Spyderhuff do to musical genres. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘The More That I Get’.

The 7th single as part of their SIN7 collection – 7 songs representing the 7 Deadly Sins – ‘The More That I Get’ explores greed. As with the preceding track ‘The Mirror’, ‘The More That I Get’ finds a balance between blues rock and classic rock. A signature blues rock tone exists but, I don’t know, this song feels slightly heavier to me. The forceful guitars blast through the arrangement with an inimitable guitar solo. Interestingly enough, while there is a strong guitar-driven feel to ‘The More That I Get’, the instrument blends in with drums, bass and keys creating a mellifluous foundation for Tom Kuhr’s vocals.

As modern bands attempt to recreate the blues rock sound of yesteryear, and many do, Spyderhuff effortlessly intoxicates us with this iconic style. Sophisticated and elegant, their music grabs hold of your heart in style. The thing is, while sophistication is clear in ‘The More That I Get’, a grittiness slithers through in the gruff (albeit warm) vocals. The instrumentation has a charm embracing you in a groovy vibe; however, it also pushes you about with the rock heaviness.

Needless to say, the song has something special with its forcefulness. Yet, it is the lyricism and concept that pushes it to the fore. Just as Chaucer described greed as “the root of all evil” and David Klemm noted it is “a window-shopping of the soul in which I lose myself in desires for goods.”, Spyderhuff’s ‘The More That I Get’ intoxicates us lending to losing our souls in ‘The More That I Get’. I mean, not that we’re falling under the spell of greed as a sin but the swirl of expression. Thinking about it, is it greedy for me to say I want more of Spyderhuff?

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