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Track Review: The Runaways // KIN

Indie pop band KIN recently released their brand new song ‘The Runaways.’ Already sitting at over 17,000 plays on Spotify at the time of writing, it is a dream pop song that shows how big they can go.

Everything about this band is massive. The vocal performance is very passionate, but in my mind, what helps this stand out is the guitars. Dream pop ambience with plenty of reverb and chorus. It reminds me of pure bliss and innocence and the melody is very catchy too!

This song is sick. I can see why KIN will be huge in a few years. They’re already creating the foundations because their melodies are top notch. ‘The Runaways’ stands out to me as one of my favourite songs I’ve heard recently. A wonderful track.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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