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Track Review: The Traveller (ft. Maurice Culligan) // Yana

Hailing from the Czech Republic, but now based in Ireland, singer-songwriter Yana pours diverse cultures into her intriguing music. Not only are those cultural influences significant to Yana’s unique sound but also ooze through in her passionate melodies. Since 2019, Yana has been releasing music to the masses (at least according to streaming platforms) and is turning heads across the globe. From The Punk Head to Less Than 1000 Followers and Rising Artists Blog (to name but a few), she is garnering a global following. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘The Traveller’.

Following her track ‘Funeral of Life’, ‘The Traveller’ retains Yana’s tender folk sound. Yet, while there is a continuity in the “folk-ness” of her releases, ‘The Traveller’ leans toward defiant Irish folk with traditional lilts in the vocals evoking an ethereal mysticism. Interestingly enough, while the vocal execution is powerful, it has a lingering hushed tone hidden below the tender piano (courtesy of Interference’s Maurice Culligan). I find this particularly interesting as ‘The Traveller’ captures your heart with the instrumentation only to infuse the mystical ambience with a lingering elegance.

While the melody can hold its own; in fact, just the piano can have you smiling with its charming sound, it is the poetic lyricism that enhances the magic of traditional Irish folk. Yana explains that “…the song is strongly connected to the late Fergus O’Farrell, a dear friend and hero who continues to inspire everyone who knew and loved him. It tries to express a feeling of gratitude of having such an inspirational person in my life.” The collaboration with Interference’s Maurice Culligan on lead vocals and piano brings a poignant connection between Yana, the listener and the track. Sincere, sentimental and heart-breaking, there is a haunting sound to ‘The Traveller’ coupled with a comforting hug woven into the tune.

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