Track Review: The Vulnerables // Argonaut

Argonaut is a band who combine the best bits of fuzzy pop and a DIY ethic. This comes across in songs like “Move Fast”, which married sweet angelic vocals with scuzzy spiky guitars that slots in nicely with bands such as Dream Nails and even She Drew The Gun. It’ll be really cool to see what their new song “The Vulnerables” sounds like. I hear it has a Britpop vibe, making me curious.

I think “The Vulnerables” has a very sweet vocal line, with an indie pop chorus that inflicts plenty of melody on the listener. It talks about how it’s okay to be vulnerable and wear your heart on your sleeve. It is an important message to send out, being universal “We are the vulnerables / me and you and you and me and you”. It shows that everyone can relate to this. 

The psychedelia that comes in towards the end of the song offers a great change of pace, it is reminiscent of the Lovely Eggs, shouting that it is okay to try something different. A great song. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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