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Track Review: The Way It Goes // Mark Houston

Currently based in Spokane, Washington – that’s in the US to be precise – singer-songwriter Mark Houston is blending heartfelt lyricism with engaging melodies. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, FV Music Blog, iHeart Radio and many other online radio stations, Mark is certainly reaching an international audience. With the assistance of drummer Luke Westermeyer, violinist Sooyoun Park and producer Jimmy Hill, Mark blast into 2021 with his debut ‘The Way It Goes’.

Performed and written by multi-instrumentalist Mark Houston, except for the drums and percussion by Luke Westermeyer and violin by Sooyoun Park, ‘The Way It Goes’ is an infectious pop meets folk track. Touching on issues of self-confidence and “finding one’s self after a difficult breakup”, the single is relatable to audiences. The laidback execution of heartfelt lyricism makes the single easy to listen to; however, it is the associated melody that is the meat of the track.

A sonic representation of empowerment, optimism and confidence, the melody has a flowing quality in its uplifting soundscape. Rich vocals harmonically meld with the warm melody setting forth a pop cheekiness in the intimate folk style. Dynamic instrumentation carries you along with Mark’s dulcet tones lightly brushing your skin in a haunting way. What I find truly divine is how each element contributes to the languid style and even leaves you wanting more with the clean guitar ending.

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