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Track Review: The World Is On Fire // band w/o band

The brainchild of German singer-songwriter Marc, band w/o band is a swirl of alternative rock, hard-rock, grunge and melodic metal. Brash and passionate, the multi-instrumentalist is known for his dark, gritty and powerful songs. Beginning his music career or rather starting to make music at a young age, Marc threw himself into rock while at school. He would perform at pubs and clubs after school with the ultimate aim of sharing his music with the rest of the world. Featured in notable press like Headbangers News, Skulls and Bones Magazine, The Big Fat Indie Show, Underground Metal and many others, band w/o band is reaching audiences on an international scale. The latest addition to his discography is ‘The World Is On Fire’.

Following his well-received hard rock track ‘Paranoia’, band w/o band adopts a melodic metal meets grunge sound in ‘The World Is On Fire’. A combination of distorted guitars and pounding drums lay the foundation for a soul-stirring melodic grittiness – and this is just what they get. Lying somewhere between 90s grunge and contemporary hard rock, band w/o band tosses you into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound. The best way to describe the crashing melody is being spun around a sonic whirlpool; however, it is not the dark tune that captures your attention. No, it is the desperate vocals and hopeless lyricism that really make a difference.

A somewhat controversial song, this new single touches on the state of our world and how we deal with existential crises. Aptly named ‘The World Is On Fire’, there is a melancholy and strong sense of despair in Marc’s voice. Deep, gruff and growling, they explore human fragility with a haunting passion. It’s odd because the track has you swirling about lost in your thoughts, but it also makes you stand to attention and concentrate on the dark themes. Either way, I love it and look forward to more from band w/o band.

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