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Track Review: The Worm Turns // Matthew Liam Nicholson

Previously performing as AT/ALL, Function (Ensemble), Outshine Family & The Golden Lifestyle Band, singer-songwriter Matthew Liam Nicholson is embracing a new indie-rock style in his sound. Known for his engaging melodies and sonic exploration of issues like trust, endurance and disillusionment, Matthew has captivated audiences on an intimate level. Praised by notable blogs like Sinusoidal Music, The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog, Pop Fad Blog and Roadie Music, the Australian composer is definitely making waves. His latest release is the single ‘The Worm Turns’.

Following his singles ‘The Publisher’ and ‘Nine Movements’, Matthew transitions from an eclectic-jazz sound to an indie-rock design. While there is something more intense and heavier in ‘The Worm Turns’, he retains the misty, experimental, almost dreamy melody. It is this hazy ambience within a cinematic whirlpool that defines Matthew Liam Nicholson giving him a signature stamp – certainly not one to be pigeon-holed. More than the transition from one genre to another, we have to mention that Matthew’s innovativeness can be seen (or heard) in varying styles within one song. What I mean is the execution of well-arranged crescendos moving from soft, soothing tones to more rock-influenced sounds flowing through the kaleidoscopic soundscape.

Yes, the melody can have your head spinning with its wistful fuzziness, however, the lyricism highlights Matthew’s depth of content. Touching on themes of disclosure, initiation, endurance and trust, ‘The Worm Turns’ is a song filled with empowerment and optimism. This positivity is effortlessly executed in the heartfelt, tender melody, particularly in Matthew’s warm vocals. One element I truly enjoy is how you are hypnotised by the music without actually knowing it. It is as if you begin listening to the song and are suddenly taken away from reality to a new level of existence…. all while smiling from ear to ear.

In addition to the single, Matthew Liam Nicholson released an official music video for ‘The Worm Turns’. The video can be viewed below:

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