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Track Review: Think I’m Gonna Fall // Belonging

Compared with Blur, Foals, Wolf Alice and Everything Everything, Belonging is a mish-mash of various sounds. Using elements of grunge, pop, indie-rock, folk and electronica, Belonging (the solo project of singer-songwriter Chris Patrick) is not one to be pigeon-holed. Founded in 2016 (or that’s at least when he began streaming singles on Spotify), Belonging has built a strong and loyal international following. With his reputation for energetic and engaging music, the UK-based artist has featured on several blogs and radio station such as BBC 6Music and Radio X. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’.

Quite an electropop-inspired single ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’ is an infectious track with pop sentimentalities. The track does have that “dance club” vibe to it, but I find the incorporation of underlying piano/keys adds a sophistication to the song. What I find intriguing is the progression of the melody and how it maintains a steadiness amidst the overall frenzied sound. What I mean is, the track begins with steady instrumentation; however, the incorporation of various elements by the end can make it quite “all over the place” while maintaining a “controlled chaos” quality.

“‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’ is about how venues and clubs are basically sanctuaries. They’ve always been the best place for me to escape to – you can get lost in the music and the lights and the crowd and forget about real life for a while, or let it all out and put the world to rights or both! It started out as a celebration of that.” – Belonging on ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’

Living in troubled and uncertain times, it is often necessary to approach feelings of confusion, inner-turmoil, conflict and frustration – this is what ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’ is all about. A sonic representation of cathartic escapism, the track dives into that world of anonymeity where you can scream and jump about to feel a sense of relief. Combine this emotive concept with Belonging’s waivering vocals and you have a powerful eclectic track with a lingering sense of comfort.

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