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Track Review: Third Degree (Acoustic) // Ivy Ash

Known for her dramatic, bold and intriguing music, UK-based Ivy Ash is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Fearless and funky, she combines her intoxicating appearance with an intoxicating sound leaving us, well, intoxicated. This is the first time I have come across Ivy Ash, but I am not the first to sing her praises receiving coverage from Fruit Sonic, YMX, That Blogger Music, Skope Mag and many more publications. Being one of the more interesting artists in 2021, Ivy Ash has gone from strength to strength this past year. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Third Degree (Acoustic)’.

Quickly following her electro-pop track ‘Third Degree’, Ivy Ash is releasing an acoustic version of the well-received single. Moving from the upbeat, heart-pumping track, the talented singer-songwriter adopts a calmer, more soothing sound in her acoustic version of ‘Third Degree’. The “calming down” of the contemporary pop song showcases not only Ivy’s flexibility but also her strong musicality. I find it interesting when acoustic-driven tracks both deconstruct the original content but add an embellishment to the conceptual material; this is what Ivy does with her music.

One of the first tracks to come from her project with Arts Council England, ‘Third Degree’ is, according to Ivy, “…sassy, fun, playful and a little bit crazy.” I won’t deny there is a wildness within the tracks sonic tapestry, but the acoustic version adds a haunting quality belying her boldness. The piano-driven tune is elegantly accompanied by poetic lyricism, as well as Ivy’s recognisable rich vocals. She skips from the madness of modern pop to the poignancy of soulful ballads all in a few minutes – a refreshing breath in a stagnating contemporary pop music scene.

Anthemic and unique, ‘Third Degree (Acoustic)’ gives off a toe-tapping vibe without being too “over the top”. Ivy shows us that we can have a great time without the need for synths or beatboxes – a sentiment I strongly hold. While not a great fan of this type of music, I have to admire Ivy Ash for her power, strength and empowerment for female artists across the globe.

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