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Track Review: Falling Stone // Third Lung

The tale of how Third Lung came about is a little complicated. Well, it’s not really complicated but a “met through a mutual friend at a gig and then recruited her while jamming with him” tale. However, even after people met other people in different areas, the end result is the formation of alternative rock group Third Lung.

Following their critically acclaimed single ‘Nowhere Left To Hide’, featured in The Other Side Reviews, RGM and Indie Central Music, the foursome released a new single ‘Falling Stone’. The final release of 2020, Third Lung describe ‘Falling Stone’ as their favourite and they haven’t held back at all.

The first word that pops into my mind when I hear Third Lung’s ‘Falling Stone’ is “sophisticated”. With the intimacy of Stone Sour, the intensity of Seether and the underlying power of Foo Fighters, ‘Falling Stone’ is emotive, evocative and enchanting.

While the pounding drums, dynamic guitars and robust vocals, the heavily textured track places the listener in a swirl of sound; however, there is no haziness to the ambience. A carefully arranged single, ‘Falling Stone’ has an infectious and anthemic quality, but the group seems to control the tone taking you through a boundary-breaking rock song without being completely frenzied or overly-emotional.

“The single attempts to explore the loneliness in self-discovery. Often what we are missing in our lives lurks in the places we are most afraid to mine. It’s completely understandable why we would avid such self-inflicted scrutiny. Our human nature, our very survival instincts attempt to protect us from such pain. We all know how much it really hurts when we look deeply and honestly at ourselves, but only at first.” – Third Lung on ‘Falling Stone’

All in all, the deeply personal track has a strong reminiscence to Foo Fighters, but the impassioned sound makes Third Lung stand out among the more well-known contemporaries. I cannot wait for more rich vocals, flowing guitars and plain old alternative rock from this group.

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