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Track Review: This Moment // Youth Antics

I read once that the majority of happy couples meet either at high school or at a mutual friend’s part. Now, Youth Antics is not a romantic affair but they did meet at high school and make a lot of people happy. Hailing from Florida, the US-based quartet came together after they met at Manatee School for the Arts. Since their formation in 2017, Youth Antics have gained a reputation for engaging melodies filled with meaningful lyricism. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘This Moment’.

Recorded at Foxbloom Studios, ‘This Moment’ is a fusion of indie-rock and pop-rock with new wave undertones. Highly reminiscent of Depeche Mode, but a little less haziness in its execution, Youth Antics bring the sentiments of new wave to the 21st century. Rejecting synth-laden melodies to incorporate organic instrumentation, the track brings up thoughts of The Band Camino, Hunny and Blossoms.

Yes, ‘This Moment’ can be considered upbeat and high-paced, but it is not overly energetic making it easy to listen to without being too spirited. Combining dynamic drums with moving guitars, including an impresssive guitar solo by lead guitarist Dylan Nicholas, adds an infectious nature to the track. Place Derek Luna’s dulcet vocals atop this melody and you have a “summertime” anthem.

According to Youth Antics, ‘This Moment’ focuses on “the feeling of being in the present” – pretty much in the name. The languid pace, but with a toe-tapping fervour, enhances the theme of the track leaving a trail of catchy choruses made to celebrate this particular moment.

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