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Track Review: Thorns In A Glass House // KAYBLE

The brainchild of former Kaleido Bay frontman, Ben Kay, KAYBLE is a solo project with genre-defying melodies. Blending elements of art-rock, hip-hop and tinges of glam rock, KAYBLE has been critically acclaimed for his kaleidoscopic soundscape. Featured in Sinusoidal Music, Lost In The Manor, Find No Enemy, The Other Side Reviews, Edgar Allan Poets and Roadie Music (to name a few), the UK-based singer-songwriter is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to his growing repertoire is ‘Thorns In A Glass House’.

Following his successful debut single ‘Into The Nightmare’, KAYBLE brings a gothic sonic representation to the contemporary topic of existential fear. Conceptual as an artist, there is an intimacy in his work; however, Ben also leans to an intense personal narrative to connect with audiences. In his latest single ‘Thorns In A Glass House’, the sound takes an alternative turn fusing contemporary art-rock with a gothic undertone. What I find particularly appealing about ‘Thorns In A Glass House’ is not the overall haunting ambience but the moving arrangement where each instrument is evocative.

Simplistic in one way with an acoustic piano throughout, KAYBLE inserts a sense of humanity amidst the electronic guitar riffs and synths representing an electric confusion. Moreover, Ben seems to search for the line between organic and synthetic in the melody – a look at both sides of the heart-breaking coin. His rough, raw vocals highlight the poignancy of ‘Thorns In A Glass House’ and blend superbly with the intense piano movements.

It is difficult to define KAYBLE as a musician, and truthfully, I prefer to have people make up their own minds when it comes to categorising music. What I can say is KAYBLE utilises all his musical knowledge to create something obscure and intriguing – pure sonic art.

In addition to the single KAYBLE released an official music video for ‘Thorns In A Glass House’. You can view the video below:

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