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Track Review: Three Steps // Deanmoore

Hailing from The Netherlands, Lichtenvoorde-based Deanmoore merges elements of prog-rock, melodic metal and contemporary alternative rock. Forming over a decade ago in 2007, the group began making a name for themselves on the local scene. Over the next few years, Deanmoore gained critical acclaim for their EPs across The Netherlands; however, it soon came to an end. I’m not saying they dissolved forever – merely a hiatus.

Upon returning to the music scene in 2018, Deamoore focused on performances and engaging with audiences once again. Following the success of their EP Illusions, the lads returned to the studio working on new material. During 2019, there were rumours of Deanmoore being “dead and no longer active”, but they were merely gaining satisfaction from recording. Bursting into 2021, the trio releases their latest single ‘Three Steps’.

Following the Yes-influenced track ‘Cannot Run / Cannot Hide’, Deanmoore adopts a more contemporary stance with ‘Three Steps’. Nodding to bands like Yellowcard, The Maine and Sugarcult, ‘Three Steps’ has jovial sentimentality but with a softer sound. Showcasing their innovativeness, the combines dynamic instrumentation enhancing the evocative nature of the single.

What I find appealing about Deanmoore, particularly ‘Three Steps’, is their ability to hide a hard-hitting song within a soothing flow of harmonic melodies. Using a combination of powerful guitars and pounding drums, the group creates a swirl of sound in which you can easily lose yourself. Yet, while this is a heavy cinematic soundscape, it is Nils Wigerinck’s throaty vocals that make ‘Three Steps’ kaleidoscopic.

Elegantly traversing changes in tempo and style, Nils shows Deanmoore’s more philosophical nature in the witty lyricism. The diverse tones throughout ‘Three Steps’ is provocative, but to a point where you feel confused about your emotions. Are you happy or sad? Are you scared or empowered? A great song lets you feel everything while gasping for breath after the soul-stirring single ends. This is ‘Three Steps’.

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