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Track Review: Time Away // Jock Raine

Blending elements of indie-rock with grunge, singer-songwriter Jock Raine has an intriguing rock-inspired sound. I could compare Jock Raine to other artists, but the honest truth is his music is rather unique. With an experimental, eclectic style, there is a softness to his music while retaining a gruff exterior. Using various streaming sites like Spotify and AMRAP (Australia Music Radio Airplay Project), Jock is slowly building a following; however, it’s not just airplay that has Jock turning heads. Receiving praise from Amnplify, this Australian artist is reaching readers in the indie blogosphere. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘Time Away’.

Described by Amnplify as creating a “confessional space that…the singer-songwriter is entirely comfortable inhabiting”, Jock Raine soothes listeners with his intimate material. Following his debut track ‘Waiting’, ‘Time Away’ is slightly more upbeat with a heavier rock influence. Combining dynamic guitars with powerful drums, the well-textured arrangement hits you in the chest with its kaleidoscopic sound. Yet, while there is a hard-hitting nature about ‘Time Away’, it seems to be hard-hitting in a soothing way.

Guitar-driven, Jock Raine showcases his innovation in moving from softer instrumentation during verses to high-powered crescendos. The guitar solo is particularly noteworthy as it showcases natural skill as a rock artist but without showing off. It’s easy to show off when you know how to make your guitar sing, however, Jock retains a sense of humility.

His humility is not only noted in the melody, but also in the intriguing lyricism. A “de-stressing” song, ‘Time Away’ touches on the concept of moving from negative vibes and embracing a more sincere reality. The gruff vocals elegantly push a vulnerability that many people experience in this time of negativity. Yet, there is also a sense of empowerment in the seemingly melancholic lyrics as he navigates a “space to create positivity among mates, laying foundations for strong relationships and constructive values”. ‘Time Away’ is soothing, sincere, tender and something we all need in today’s world.

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