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Track Review: Timewaster // Galaxy Thief

Described as a “creative powerhouse”, UK-based foursome Galaxy House head a new generation of indie rock in the 21st century. Already receiving accolades from blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog, Punk Head and Music For The Misfits, the lads are reaching out to audiences across the globe. Of course, their coverage on BBC Introducing and ITV has also garnered a growing fanbase. Working from their farm-based studio, Galaxy Thief is able to create music whenever inspiration hits. The latest from this Yamaha Music London’s ambassador band is ‘Timewaster’.

Hot on the heels of their well-received single ‘Free’, ‘Timewaster’ adopts a more upbeat, cheekier indie-pop influenced sound. With the vocals and co-writing skills of new frontman Rhys Messenger, the band show a more sophisticated and mature style. As with all of their music, you are immediately tipped into a sonic whirlpool watching a plethora of colours swirl about you. In ‘Timewaster’, however, there appears to be a hint of 80s rock melded in the melodic arrangement. The combination of powerful guitars and pounding drums work in harmony to offer a well-layered sound.

While the melody is inspiring, particularly with the guitar riffs building up to catchy choruses, it is the lyrical content and theme that showcase depth. Personifying the voice of time to those who recklessly fritter away their lives, ‘Timewaster’ is a caution that “…those who build their flimsy house of cards on sand know it’ll never stand the test of time; that everything built has been squandered.”

Gritty but with a warm sincerity, ‘Timewaster’ is a brutally honest exposition of time and life. Recorded with Michael Smith at Woodworm Studios and mastered by ‘Hippy’ Baldwin at Metropolis Studios, Galaxy Thief’s new track is palpably evocative with a sense of maturity. I cannot wait to hear more from this group.

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