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Track Review: To The Shelter // Klashing Black

Inspired by the likes of Coldplay, Twenty One Pilots and The 1975, twin brothers Kyle and Kane Brenner began creating music in 2017. Beginning as an alt-pop duo, the lads had an almost child-like vibe to their songs; however, over the years they have evolved to a more sophisticated style. Featured on Less Than 1000 Followers, The Other Side Reviews, Indie Dock Music Blog and various playlists/online radio stations, Klashing Black is receiving global attention with their polished sound. One of the most recent additions to their discography is ‘To The Shelter’.

Known for the unique mishmash of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, Klashing Black appears to search for that balance between organic and synthetic – and this is even more evident in ‘To The Shelter’. Not only is there a melting pot of instruments, but the movement from light synths to heavier melodic metal and indie-rock highlights the pair’s innovativeness. Moreover, the underlying incorporation of flamenco guitar and piano enhances the diversity of the track. The melodic “to-and-fro” style takes you on a rollercoaster of sonic swirls reaching out into the kaleidoscopic soundscape. Yet, the up and down nature of the track has a flowing quality moving from one sound to another without any clash or upset.

While the melody is certainly head-spinning, it is the lyrical content that shows the pair’s depth as artists. A conceptual piece, ‘To The Shelter’ focuses on creativity, artistry and escapism. Klashing Black share that “art is something that is needed in the world, but not necessarily recognised in the way that it should be. This song [‘To The Shelter’] was our attempt to carve out some space in our mines for the things that truly matter.”

Using their eclecticism and obscurity, Klashing Black create an emotive, almost palpably emotive, sound with ‘To The Shelter’.

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