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Track Review: Tom Vs Tom // Symphony of Ruckus

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Tomas Il Somera, Tom Vs Tom is an eclectic and engaging solo project. Formed in 2020, Australian Tom Vs Tom is a newbie on the scene, but he is by no means disappearing amidst the thousands of musicians. In fact, this Sydney-based artist is making waves with his vibrant sound. The latest addition to Tom Vs Tom’s discography is the single ‘Symphony of Ruckus’.

In preparation for his upcoming debut album DWEEB, set for release in 2021, Tomas is releasing a single every month as of mid-2020. Beginning with his well-received ‘Bedroom Demos’ in June, ‘Symphony of Ruckus’ is the fourth track in this monthly release build-up. Influenced by artists like Kid Cudi, Still Woozy and Tyler, The Creator, ‘Symphony of Ruckus’ is a merging of electropop, indie-rock and indie-pop.

Using a DIY approach to production, Tom Vs Tom recorded this single in his home studio – also known as his bedroom. Inspired by the Wes Anderson film Bottle Rocket, the synth-driven ‘Symphony of Ruckus’ is upbeat, lively and engaging. What I find most attention-grabbing in the track is the use of staccato keys over more mellow drums, synths and guitars. Don’t get me wrong, all of it is animated, but the unique instrumentation heightens the buoyancy of the track.

Adding a touch of indie-rock to the track, Tomas layers instrumentation with bold, warm and sincere vocals. The smoothness of his dulcet tones acts as a blanket to smother the piercing melody while maintaining its fiery energy. ‘Symphony of Ruckus’ by name, the track is truly a harmonic symphony of ruckus by melody.

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