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Track Review: Tomcat Disposables // Will Wood

Ever-changing, frightened, profound and reclusive – all words that can easily describe singer-songwriter Will Wood. Known for his “difficult to decipher” persona, Will could be considered an enigma; a person that you’ll never truly know but know he is a good ‘un. Since 2015, Will has released music with constant evolution in the sound from his studio album Everything Is A Lot to The Normal Album (released in 2020) and several singles. We’re going to take a look (or rather a listen) to his single ‘Tomcat Disposables’.

Unlike various artists in the entertainment industry, Will Wood has chosen to avoid social media as much as possible. Truth be told, I don’t blame him – social media can be overwhelming and invasive. Regardless of this lack of profiles, Will has made a dent on the internet gaining over 800,000 monthly listeners, interviews and reviews. Featured on Pop Fad Blog, David Reviews, American Pancake, Prelude Press, Washington Square News, and a Music Matters podcast interview, Will Wood is gaining a loyal following globally.

Now to ‘Tomcat Disposables’:

Taken off the upcoming album In Case I Make It, ‘Tomcat Disposables’ has been described as authentic, heart-wrenching and a labour of love. Layering the tones of a baritone ukulele with an orchestral backing, there is both a simplistic and powerful sound to the melodic arrangement – all played by Will. Interestingly enough, while the opening has a soft, soothing, folk-like sound with a minimalist approach, ‘Tomcat Disposables’ transitions to a bolder, fuller, more intense chamber pop design.

A heartfelt single with evolving sounds, Will Wood weaves a sonic tapestry with ‘Tomcat Disposables’. While the tapestry is simply a tapestry, its kaleidoscopic thread presents an awesome picture. Light and dark, shadows and brightness with Will Wood’s dulcet tones being that silvery thread woven into the sonic artwork.

Inspired, oddly, by an encounter with a mouse, ‘Tomcat Disposables’ tells the tale of Will ridding himself of this pest. The thing is, it is a story of how he didn’t want to but ultimately killed the mouse. A common and necessary act – mice carry disease – but filled with tender remorse bringing about a sincere, sentimental gem of a song.

“During the winter of the pandemic, I walked into my wrecked kitchen to find a mouse trying to drag a big parmesan rind into a gap behind the over…he ran when he saw me, so I broke the cheese into smaller pieces figuring it was cold out and he could use a hand. I learned his species carry some particularly deadly diseases, so despite desperately wanting not to, I gave in and accepted some poison traps…I wrote this song as a sort of tribute. I hope the song honours my friend well. Sorry, mouse.” – Will Wood on ‘Tomcat Disposables’

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