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Track Review: Transformations // Jesse Brady

I must admit, I do feel extra excitement when I come across a new artist. Now, I’m not talking about discovering an established musician but when they are only emerging from their cocoon. It’s as if I can say I was there before they became cool. This is the case with Jesse Brady.

Following her graduation from Seacrest Country Day School in Florida, the US-based musician embraced her love for performing arts. She left Naples and head to Nashville where she majored in Songwriting and Audio Engineering at Belmont University. Since then, Jesse has learned to produce and spread her wings in the music industry. Featured on Tonic Grain, Right Chord Music, The Other Side Reviews and The Anthem Collective, Jesse is grabbing the attention of a global audience. Her debut single is ‘Transformations’.

Used as a catharsis to deal with everyday emotions, music is Jesse’s means of self-expression. She describes it as her “therapy in high school when I was experiencing unrequited love and it’s with me now in my early twenties”. We all feel confused growing up, and sometimes even more confused at a later age with the complexities of adult life. One thing that keeps us going is the hope of a better future – Jesse shares this necessity for change in her music.

With an acoustic-inspired sound, ‘Transformations’ is a harmonic merging of various instruments with obscure vocals. Well-layered and textured, the guitar, drums and synths have prominent positions; however, the fusion of all elements make for a smooth cohesive whole.

Reminiscent of Billie Eilish, Jesse Brady adds a quirky innocence to the poignant lyricism. As if sharing a cup of tea and conversation with a friend, ‘Transformations’ is personal and engaging. The simple narrative has a childish element to it showing naivety and wide-eyed wistfulness. Yet, while there is a youthful bluntness, Jesse shows a sophisticated maturity in the track. It is as if Jesse is waving a hand at childhood with simple sincerity and lingering sentimentality. Personally, I love it!

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