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Track Review: Tribe // Danny Addison

Using bold vocals atop heartwarming melodies, Danny Addison merges contemporary folk with indie rock. Born to a musical family, Danny embraced music at a young age combining diverse influences in his sound. Along with founding the pop band Young Monarch, which is disbanded, Danny has worked with a plethora of music industry professionals. He toured with singer-songwriter Chloe Foy at folk festivals and worked with Sophie Morgan on her support tour with Seafret. Featured in blogs like The Other Side Reviews, When The Horn Blows and Divide and Conquer, Danny Addison is reaching listeners on an international scale. Following his well-received EP Colour Songs, the UK-based artist releases ‘Tribe’.

The first single off his upcoming EP, ‘Tribe’ is a melodic combination of guitars, drums, violins and Danny’s rich vocals. Beginning with a simplistic guitar, one can assume this is an acoustic single; however, the crescendo leads to a catchy chorus with heartfelt instrumentation. The incorporation of orchestral instruments add an ethereal element, but ‘Tribe’ is a solid song with strong melodic foundations. The interspersion of classical and informal sounds add a new dimension to the evocative single drawing all aspects together in a pretty package.

Describing the song as “a powerful exploration of polarisation and sense of purpose in a world of keyboard warriors and call-out culture”, Danny Addison speaks from the heart with careless abandon. His warm tone and timbre create a comfortable swirl of sound, but he breaks through with powerful crescendos as the song progresses. What I really love about Danny’s music is how he retains a steadiness in the sound while traversing several genres – truly unique and innovative. ‘Tribe’ is no different.

Soothing and smooth, ‘Tribe’ has a joviality in its melody but without being too buoyant. It does have a toe-tapping quality in its languidness, but what you really take from ‘Tribe’ is overwhelming empowerment. Personally, I love it!

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