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Track Review: Triple Engine // Love Thing

Isolation due to Covid-19 has had some strange effects on people. Some of us are quite content to sit at home, work remotely and spend all day in our pyjamas; however, there are others who are experiencing cabin fever and long to be let out. I’m not saying one state is better than the other, but it is interesting to see how people are coping with these lockdowns. Craig Skelton, Chris Gibbs and Daniel Skelton made the best of the worst and Triple Engine was born.

In March 2020, guitarist Chris Gibbs and bassist Craig Skelton began messaging each about how the pandemic is affecting musicians which evolves into Chris speaking about a power trio. Four days later drummer Daniel Skelton is on board and the band starts working on Triple Engine’s debut single ‘Love Thing’.

Reminiscent of Cream, Rush and Led Zeppelin, ‘Love Thing’ can sit well alongside any of the 1970’s classic rock bands. Pounding drums, dynamic bass and sensational guitar riffs complement the throaty vocals. Thing is, while each instrument is part of the comprehensive whole, it shows prominence in its own right. The layering of ‘Love Thing’ enhance the clarity of the vocals, but every element is united in classic rock awesomeness.

Elegant, charismatic and engaging, Triple Engine has hit it out of the park with their debut single ‘Love Thing’. Oh, and by the way, they have an official music video for the track which can be seen below.

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