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Track Review: Irregardlessly // TruckerBomb

I don’t generally associate Los Angeles with country music; I mean, that’s what Nashville is for, isn’t it? Yet, this has not stopped country from making it’s way to the City of Angels in the form of US-born artist TruckerBomb. While Troy Richardson (the guy behind TruckerBomb) spent many years performing in rock bands this did not stop him from embracing the country genre. With the flair of Lynard Skynard and the intimacy of Willie Nelson, this talented singer-songwriter releases his single ‘Irregardlessly’.

Inspired by Troy’s childhood experiences in South Dakota, along with stops at diners and truck stops, ‘Irregardlessly’ combines witty lyricism, catchy guitar riffs and bold vocals in a hypnotic way. Upbeat with a pleasant buoyancy, the track has all the qualities of a toe-tapping, high-quality country song. Yet, it is the addition of alternative rock that brings the edge to TruckerBomb’s debut single.

Recorded by the iconic producer Fernando Perdomo at Reseda Ranch Studios, this single is a masterfully arranged lighthearted ditty, but with a sarcastic swagger. Troy’s warm vocals add a richness to ‘Irregardlessly’ easily captivating the avid listener. As a person who is not 100% into country music, I don’t have too much to compare this to; however, I doubt that matters as TruckerBomb is a force incomparable to others.

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