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Track Review: Trust In Me // LearningToDive

One of the musical identities of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Bravo Bonez, LearningToDive brings audiences a taste of vintage post-punk with a sprinkling of sophisticated pop. Already on our digital pages, Nexus Music Blog is aware of LearningToDive, but he constantly surprises us with his music. From the 2021 tracks ‘Rainbow Fall’ and ‘Promenade’ to 2023’s ‘Drums of War’, those hypnotic sounds pump through our speakers. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Trust In Me’.

As LearningToDive, Bravo Bonez explores the complexity of human emotion with profound, provocative narratives. In the most recent release, ‘Trust In Me’, he touches on the issue of gaslighting and its poignant effect on individuals. If you aren’t too aware of what “gaslighting” is, it refers to a situation where one person controls another by denying them the reality they know is true. Unfortunately, this abusive situation is often seen in relationships nowadays (it might have always been there but is only now receiving the attention it deserves), and ‘Trust In Me’ speaks to victims of gaslighting letting them know they’re not alone.

“If you haven’t been gaslit, you won’t know. This is a song for those who are being quietly persecuted, psychologically tortured, but who are unable to get the people around them who should be able to help to do so. Sometimes that is impossible to do and is just a product of circumstance, but it doesn’t take away the suffering that is a product of the isolation and loneliness of being the target of gaslighting…’Trust In Me’ is a message to those gaslighting victims out there that there is someone who believes them.” – LearningToDive on ‘Trust In Me’

As with ‘Drums of War’, there is a heart-pounding sentimentality in ‘Trust In Me’ leaning toward a progressive rock tone. The thing is, while ‘Drums of War’ is far darker in its presentation, ‘Trust In Me’ brings a more melodic quality to the distorted tune. Dropping sensational synths into the pounding drums, a lightness sparkles in the intricate folds of despair. Interestingly, while a starkness exists in the theme with hopeless melancholy, the song has a kaleidoscopic swirl belying that brash, harsh and bold arrangement.

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