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Track Review: Tunnel Vision // Alex Julia

Bringing together elements of folk, pop and even some indie-rock in the mix, US-based Alex Julia is a truly unique artist. Aiming to connect with listeners on a deeper level, her music has an intimacy and intensity that far surpasses the typical “get your tissues out because you’re going to start crying” sound. While I have not heard of Alex Julia before, she has featured on blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog and several playlists. The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘Tunnel Vision’.

Written with songwriter Patrick Wörner, ‘Tunnel Vission’ is a tender, heartfelt and sentimental song. Following her single ‘Like The Sun’, ‘Tunnel Vision’ adopts a more flowing, softer and soothing acoustic-inspired melody. Using the acoustic piano and guitar instrumentation, the new single has a simplicity about it enhancing the poignancy of the track. The thing I find intriguing is how Alex showcases her versatility and innovativeness in the song. Instead of being a steady ballad with a continuous beat, there is a harmonious transition between a high-paced and slower pace within the single. I suppose this might be an indication of the tumultuous emotions hidden beneath the glass surface of a sonic lake.

Poetic and elegant, ‘Tunnel Vision’ finds the balance between innocent delicacy and mature sophistication. In her authentic way, the personal narrative touches on feelings of vulnerability in the human soul. The constant ebb and flow of pace reflects an awareness of human fragility but also incorporates awareness and optimism in the insightful song. Overall, I just love Alex’s work and can’t wait to see what else this talented songstress has up her sleeve.

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