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Track Review: Turning // Alex Krawczyk

Only a few months ago, Canadian Alex Krawczyk embarked on a music career with passion, zeal and excitement. Now, she is establishing herself as a well-known emerging artist across Canada and beyond. Featured in Eat This Rock, Skope Magazine, Music Is To Blame, Iggy Magazine, Music Existence, Indie Music, and many more, Alex is quickly gaining an international following. Alongside the global coverage, this singer-songwriter has been nominated for ‘Best New/Emerging Artist’ at the 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards – now, isn’t that something?

With only one release to her name, Alex Krawczyk might be considered a newbie in a pool of sonic sharks; however, she is a shimmering gem standing out in the water. Taken off her debut album Le Olam, the single ‘Turning’ is a toe-tapping, upbeat package of folk music. Yet, while the track has a soothing folk nature, a strong indie-pop feeling is woven through the melody. Bold and robust, but with a whimsical and flowing quality, ‘Turning’ is one of those songs that have you grinning but also thinking about the poetic lyricism.

It’s true that Alex Krawczyk can enchant you with her guitar and obscure vocals; however, her lyrical content is as endearing. With elegant charm and grace, Alex touches on hopefulness, empowerment and optimism with ‘Turning’. She explains that this is “a song written to encourage us to find beauty and meaning despite the challenges we are faced with and to appreciate the simple moments in life.” – a message that is very much needed in our uncertain society.

Smooth, soothing and tender, ‘Turning’ is a beautiful musical masterpiece by Alex Krawczyk. If this is anything to go by, I can see great things coming from this artist.

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