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Track Review: Two Birds // Alli Bean

Drawing together elements of blues, jazz, funk and pop, Canadian singer-songwriter Alli Bean can get your feet tapping with her unique sonic fusion. Influenced by the likes of Fiona Apple, Amy Winehouse and Wynton Kelly, there is a contemporary and eclectic feel to her sound. While this is my introduction to Alli Bean, she has already been turning heads for several years winning awards, performing at notable venues, and forming connections with West Coast talents Stewart McLellan and Dave Friend. One of the latest singles released by this talented artist is ‘Two Birds’.

Part of her debut album Outside Voice, ‘Two Birds’ walks the line between old-school jazz and soul leaving groovy vibes in her wake. What I find particularly intriguing about Alli is how her music has old-school sounds but also a contemporary edginess. This eclecticism is easily noted in ‘Two Birds’ with an Amy Winehouse attitude and intimacy, but also a Sade sensuality. Based on ‘Two Birds’, I can easily see how Alli Bean could dominate the stage leaving a smoky sexiness on the stage.

Now, I don’t know if her songs are meant to be sexy but there is a strong sensual sentimentality in her music. A melodic arrangement of soulful piano, soft drums and dynamic guitars, ‘Two Birds’ gets your head bopping from the first second. While the melody can hold its own, it is the harmonic incorporation of Alli’s obscure vocals that make the song outstanding. I could compare her vocals to Fiona Apple, but that might not be fair to either artist. Standing alongside Fiona Apple, the huskiness of Alli’s vocals showcase her obscurity and eclecticism as a vocalist.

Known for writing intimate singles, ‘Two Birds’ explores the theme of love and how we act in relationships. Instead of opting for obsession, Alli Bean pushes the need for independence so you “don’t lose yourself in another but fly closely to them”. Her personal narrative connects with others on a deeper level as she points out the importance of individuality even when love ensnares your senses. Sincere, sensitive, honest and sentimental, Alli Bean shows sophistication in her emotional track ‘Two Birds’.

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