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Track Review: Understood // Eva Westphal

Influenced by the likes of Brandi Carlile, Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift, singer-songwriter Eva Westphal uses her natural storytelling skills to connect with audiences in pop-inspired songs. Embracing her passion for music at a young age, she began playing the violin at age 6, started writing songs at age 13, and has not stopped sharing her original work with the world. In an interview with RGM, Eva noted that her mission is to spread self-love, and she is doing this with her empowering songs. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Understood’.

Following her single ‘I Miss The Closet’, Eva Westphal continues her exploration of being part of the LGBTQ+ community touching on the beautiful and difficult experiences of being queer. Eva explains that ‘Understood’ is “…about the feeling of feeling isolated as a lesbian in certain situations, like when you’re sitting with friends and they’re talking about their male crushes or laughing about their boyfriends. Because there used to be so few LGBTQ+ people around me, I wanted to write a song about my experience before and after finding other queer people in my life who share my experience…”

As with ‘I Miss The Closet’, Eva retains her tender pop ballad style, but there appears to be an old-school folk tinge to ‘Understood’. Acoustic-inspired, there is a charming elegance in the simplistic arrangement touching any listener’s heart from the first chord. What I find interesting about Eva Westphal is how she seems to have a conversation with listeners in her songs. When listening to ‘Understood’, you feel as if you are sharing a tale with a friend as she tells you her intimate thoughts about something or other; in this case, it happens to be her appreciation of finding an LGBTQ+ community where others understand her experiences. Recorded with producer KAIYI and queer female guitarist Stephanie Chow, Eva shares that she is “…very proud that the team behind the song is all female…”

Sincere, sentimental and heartfelt, Eva Westphal soothes your soul with her warm, gentle and mellifluous new single ‘Understood’.

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