Track Review: Untouchable// Koncept

I am absolutely obsessed with “Untouchable” by Koncept. Koncept has impressed me over the last few years, with a cool as fuck flow that makes you want to relax. On “Untouchable”, there is a triumphant feel to the song. 

This is reflected in the confident lyrics: “Move the way I want I’m untouchable and laid back” alongside the trumpets! Wow, this song screams confidence because it makes the listener feel on top of the world. It is smooth, jazzy, and gets you motivated. 

I love hearing horns in hip hop. It is the same with some of the recommended songs that come up. This new wave of hip hop like Koncept and Montao know how to set the mood right, and it is a joy to listen to it. So good is “Untouchable” that it deserves to be heard by everyone.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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