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Track Review: VALE ft. Midwife // Allison Lorenzen

Known for her work as part of US-based dark wave duo School Dance, Allison Lorenzen is spreading her wings for a new solo project. Laying introspective lyricism atop simple synths, Allison explores a minimalist sound with soothing vocals. Already featured on several online radio stations and in notable blogs like Independent Music Review, Allison’s solo career seems to be hitting all the notes.

The debut single from Allison Lorenzen, ‘VALE’ has a gothic ambience about it creating a dark, mysterious and haunting soundscape. Collaborating with Madeline Johnstone, also known as Midwife, ‘VALE’ is a soothing skeletal single filled with Madeline’s soulful, albeit chilling vocals. A synth-laden track, ‘VALE’ has a transcendental quality prompting spine-tingling sensations in its hollow melody…yet, there is some substance to the hollow single.

Reminiscent of Enya, but with far more depth, Madeline executes the poetic lyricism with grace and elegance. What I find particularly intriguing about the relationship between otherworldly vocals and flowing melody is the contrary emotions felt. Yes, ‘VALE’ delves into a mire of despair with Madeline’s vocals only enhancing the desperation; however, the dreamlike combination adds a bizarre warmth to cradle you as you plunge further into the “place of total black”.

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