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Track Review: Vix 20 // Try Again

Described as “seventies power pop aligned to progressive rock enterprise” by The RingMaster Review, Vix 20 is a combination of Chuck Berry, Eagles, The Beatles and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Comprised of music veterans Gary Mills and CJ, Vix 20 is the embodiment of 90s pop-rock, particularly with their latest single ‘Try Again’.

Not much of an introduction, so let’s get a few more facts in there. While they present the energy of 20-year-old, these, um, distinguished gentlemen are older than they sound or appear. What do I mean? Well, Vix 20 came about as a bit of fun between two gents who had not performed in 25 years – 25 years after forming their first school band. After “adulting” for a while, CJ and Mills returned to the music scene, but it was only after Mills arranged the release of ‘Digital Age’ in 2018 that Vix 20 became something more than a bit of fun.

Side note: when I read the duo formed their first band in school 25 years ago, I thought the seventies sound and inspiration was based on the music of the day. It was only after some quick calculations that I realised 25 years ago was 1995. Immediate thought: “but I was a teenager then…bloody hell, I’m old.”

One element I find particularly intriguing about Vix 20 is their transition from one genre to another while maintaining a rock undertone. The follow-up to ‘Tron Takes The Train’, a synth-laden power-pop track ala Pet Shop Boys, ‘Try Again’ is a complete transformation. Instead of dreamy with a wispy ambience, ‘Try Again’ is upbeat, aggressive and energetic.

Despite being so fast-paced you need to remain in the present to take any of it in, the track has a sense of nostalgia taking me back to the rock bands of the 1990s – not particularly Green Day or Blink 182, but leaning toward New Found Glory and The Ataris.

As well as being catchy, ‘Try Again’ is quite insightful. Examining the sociopolitical in current society and its effects on human nature, the track deconstructs feelings of disillusionment and hopelessness. What I truly enjoy is the lyrical sarcasm. For instance, while ‘Try Again’ illustrates the problems caused by authorities in 2020, the chorus of “it’s me” is a lyrical shrug of the shoulders and rolling of the eyes. The abrupt ending is quite amusing as well.

Dynamic, passionate and exceedingly energetic, Vix 20 have produced an anthem for all the downtrodden in recent years – in other words, pretty much anyone. It’s like, there you go, we’re done. Do with it as you well but we’re walking away now. Don’t go too far gents because I want more of what you’ve got.

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