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Track Review: Von Andersson Noise System // Gasoline Party

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Von Andersson Noise System is the solo project of Henrik von Andersson. Inspired by artists such as Nick Cave, Grandaddy and Swervedriver, Von Andersson Noise System (which we will refer to VANS for convenience) is a shoegaze meets indie-rock sensation. Following his sophomore track ‘Open Up and Say Ah’, we have the energetic and engaging ‘Gasoline Party’.

One of the most striking things I noticed about VANS is his versatility as a musician. The debut single ‘Distortion’ has a strong shoegaze feel, but the style quickly changes to a harder, heavier sound on ‘Open Up and Say Ah’. With ‘Gasoline Party’, there is a dynamic shift from a forceful “rockier” sound to an upbeat indie sound filled with energy.

While von Andersson demonstrates flexibility and diversity in his sound, the tracks all seem to have a steady 80s synth undertone reminiscent of The Cure. It’s obvious the 1980s play a role in the music, melodically and lyrically, but VANS tends to increase the tempo with a bit of a frenetic intensity not often found in synth-based tracks. This is particularly evident in ‘Gasoline Party’. When asked about the single, von Andersson had this to say:

“‘Gasoline Party’ is a short, frenetic song about making change happen… The song is about getting up, getting activated and demanding changes to everything that’s wrong in society – such as racism and inequalities. It’s not an angry song, it’s a happy and hopeful one. I don’t advocate violence.”

Spirited and meaningful, ‘Gasoline Party’ is a song of optimism in a world of social discord. It just so happens that it was released during this time of protest. However, I should say that if there was a protest song, or at least something teetering on a protest song, I would want it to be the enthusiastic sound of ‘Gasoline Party’.

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